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Best White Wine Online in Malaysia

At LavoWine, we offer a range of white wine that will definitely suit your palate.

We offer high-quality white wine in Malaysia, and you will be able to get them at affordable pricing. With so many white wines to choose from online, which kind should you choose?

Buying the Best White Wine Online in Malaysia

How is White Wine Made?

How is White Wine Made?

White or red grapes are harvested in the early morning, after the grapes are cooled from the night. These freshly harvested grapes are then pressed to get the juice out of them, leaving the skin behind.

Following that, the grape juice is added with yeast and left to rest. The sugar in the grape juice will be converted to alcohol, using up oxygen and producing carbon dioxide and heat in the process.

After the whole fermentation process, the alcohol is filled into bottles. This step is done with great caution to minimise the exposure to oxygen, as oxygen will reduce the ability of the wine to age well and reduce the fruitiness of the white wine.

Types of White Wine

Types of White Wine

Before choosing your white wine, you have to understand the different types of white wines available. Below are some of the popular types of best white wines.


This is the most popular white grape used for white wine, and it has two versions – oaked and unoaked.

The oaked version is rich in vanilla and full of texture. On the other hand, an unoaked chardonnay does not have the richness of vanilla to it. It will taste fruitier, with a hint of green apple, lemon, and perhaps pineapple.

Sauvignon blanc

This grape will bring about herbal flavour in white wines, and it is best paired with poultry, seafood, and salads.

For most people who like sauvignon blanc, they will most likely like the New Zealand version as it will bring a refreshing feeling to the palate.


Semillon has a strong berry flavour and it features a fig taste to it.

In order to reduce the strong berry taste, one can mix it with sauvignon blanc to get a full-bodied wine.

Pinot grigio

Pinot grigio has a crisp to it, and it will unleash an aroma and fruity flavour after a few sips.

This is often paired with spicy cuisines.


Moscato comes from the muscat grape family. This type of white wine tastes sweet, and often fruity, with a musky aroma to it. For most people, they found that Moscato goes well with desserts.


There are two types of Riesling – dry and sweet. The dry version should come from Astria, the driest among all regions, while the sweet one should come from Germany. The dry white wine will have a tinge of lemon, pineapple, lime, and apricot. On the other hand, a sweet Riesling will have a fruity taste. Regardless of the type, Riesling wines are fresh with every sip, and will taste better as they age.

Food Pairing

Food Pairing

Before purchasing a white wine, decide on the type of food that you want to go along with.

This will help to ensure that the chosen white wine goes along with the dishes.

For instance, sweet Rieslings, a sweet and fresh wine, goes well with desserts, fruits, and anything else that are sweet. On the flip side, a dry Riesling will complement dishes that are not spicy, and also salads, cheese, fish, white meat, and pork.

Where to Buy the Best White Wine Online in Malaysia?

Where to Buy the Best White Wine Online in Malaysia?

The white wines at LavoWine are of the highest quality, and you do not need to question the authenticity of the wine.

If you are unsure of the type of white wine that you want to get, you can always approach our friendly staff for guidance. We will definitely recommend a bottle that will suit your characteristics and the occasion that you are consuming the white wine. Order online now at Lavowine wine delivery service.