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Buying The Best Gin Online in Malaysia

For anyone looking to buy gin in Malaysia, you have quite a lot of options to focus on. At LavoWine, we recommend that you look to make sure you buy only the best gins in Malaysia. After all, why settle for second best? That’s why our gin stocks are so high; so that you can always get good value for money when buying gin. What, though, makes the best gin in Malaysia? If you are trying to select a bottle of gin, what kind of factors do you take into account here?

The age

The first thing to factor in for any bottle of gin, or any alcohol really, is the age. Unlike other alcohols, though, it’s because age does not matter with gin. Gin does not show you the age of the bottle which makes it quite different from other drinks like whiskey and cognac. What you will find instead is that they look to tell you how it was prepared as opposed to the age.

The process

If you are looking to buy a gin, you might want to look out for bottles that label themselves as Luxury or Premium. This is a bold claim in the gin industry, and it’s not a claim that companies will make without being able to back it up. For that reason, the process is often explained in some shape or form on the bottle. The distillation process should be more carefully explained on a gin that feels like it can live up to lofty claims.

The response

A good way, of course, to tell about any gin in Malaysia is to read some reviews. You can’t sample gin in the same way that you can with other alcohols, which can make it quite hard for you to know if you are going to be buying a gin that you actually like. Reading reviews from previous drinkers will give you a good idea of how good or ineffective that gin would be for you.

Don’t factor in price

However, one thing about buying gin online in Malaysia is that, much like age, price is not a major determining factor. You could pay through the nose for a bottle of gin and find it’s not suited to your tastes at all. Gin that costs more than a standard bottle is likely made in a small batch and was handcrafted. However, the taste and quality of a more luxurious bottle won’t necessarily trump a cheaper bottle.

What should I buy?

Really, the main thing to do is to find a place where you can try out gins in Malaysia. You could try some at a bar, giving you a chance to sample the taste and see what you think. At LavoWine, we make it easy for you to buy some affordable bottles of gin that will ensure you can get a quality, satisfying taste that should change your mind on what ‘good’ gin actually is. Just remember – age and price don’t mean as much in the gin industry as they do in other alcohols!
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