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Buying The Best Sweet Wine Online in Malaysia

Buying wine has never been easier; one can easily purchase a bottle just by making a few clicks online. At LavoWine, we ensure that our products are of a top-quality, and that they are authentic. Despite that, we still keep the prices of our wine affordable.

If you are looking for a sweet wine in Malaysia, LavoWine is the place that you should be looking at. We offer authentic sweet wine that will definitely suit your palate. Now that you know where to purchase sweet wine, how do you choose the sweet wine that you want?

Types of sweet wine


Muscato is produced in various regions, for example, France, Spain, Italy, and Portugal. It is part of the Muscat grape family, and the colour of it ranges from white to black. When consumed. You will feel a fruity aroma dispersing all over your tongue, with a hint of floral. This can be used to pair with a wide variety of food, and it has a high sugar and antioxidant content. Muscato is used to produce both sweet white wine as well as sweet red wine.


This white wine grape is one that is most grown in Germany. It can be made into a dry white wine or sweet white wine. When used to produce sweet white wine, it will be harvested when the grapes are slightly rotting,

This wine is a perfect balance of sweetness and acidity, offering a tinge of citrus and orchard fruit. With a balanced acidity level, it makes this type of white wine go well with soft cheeses, fresh fruits, or food that has a high content of salt. The sweetness of the sweet wine will balance out the saltiness from the food.


Sauternes wine starts off with a pale yellow colour. As it ages, it will darken to become straw yellow, and sometimes even light brown. This type of wine is suitable for collection, and it has the potential to age for more than 100 years. Best paired with dishes that are rich in flavour, it can also be consumed with sweet desserts.


This type of sweet wine is made from grapes that have frozen on the vine. The harvesting process is extremely tiring as the weather will usually be cold and at a single-digit degree. The harvesting team have to be on standby as the grapes will be unsuitable for an ice wine if it thaws.

Ice wine goes well with chocolate desserts, fruits, caramel, and dishes that contain truffle. When consumed, you will taste the concentrated flavour and the sweetness of the grapes.

Where to buy the best sweet wine online in Malaysia?

The sweet wines offered at LavoWine.Com are of the highest quality and it is guaranteed to be authentic. For those that are not very sure of which type of sweet wine they should get, you can always approach our staff to gather more information. We will be happy to share more about the different types of sweet wine and give you a recommendation based on your palate.

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