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Best Sweet Wine in Malaysia

As a Malaysian wine lover, you might think about buying something different, such as a sweet wine.

While some might prefer their wine to come with an almost bitter aftertaste, these sweet wines offer something totally different. However, buying a sweet wine can be tough – many of the ‘big name’ wines tend to be more than a little on the tart side as opposed to the sweet side.

However, once upon a time, sweet wine was the talk of not only Malaysia, but the wider wine-drinking world. If you want to go back in time to enjoy a true classic of wine, then be sure to look into this simple sweet wine buying guide.

Whether you look at classic names from the classics like B.A. Riesling or you want to try something from a specific chateau, you have a fair range of options to pick from on the market.

Looking for the Best Sweet Wine in Malaysia? Here's the Only Buyers' Guide You Need

Is sweet wine common?

Is sweet wine common?

Many assume that sweet wine is not the ‘right’ type of wine purely because it stems from a sweetness as opposed to tarter tastes.

However, it is important to note that modern wine names and major developers were, once upon a time, as focused on creating sweeter wines.

Indeed, the first sweet wines from some popular names in the industry today are found as far back as the mid-1700s and tend to be absolutely loaded with taste and energy.

However, some sweet wines have been collected as far back as the Roman times, when wines tended to be somewhat sweeter than the options that you can buy today.

Indeed, you get many forms of sweet wine that tend to be enriched with even more taste and sweetness than you might expect, including some sparkling sweet wines.

So, if the taste is the issue, you should be able to find something sweet enough to satisfy that sweet tooth!

What causes sweet wine?

What causes sweet wine?

While some wines are sweet due to the ingredients, others are sweet due to a rotting process that is used.

Although that might sound suitably vile, by waiting for a form of rot known as Botrytis cinera to kick in, a form of outstanding sweetness can stick around in the back of the tastebuds for that particular kind of wine.

This leaves a hint of sweetness lingering around in the back of the mouth, and it can be the ideal way to help add a touch of extra energy into a bottle of wine.

Sweet wine is often a result of the ingredients used, that is true.

Some, though, have gone through a very particular kind of fermenting and rotting process to achieve the kind of sickly sweetness you might want from your wine.

What causes this ‘rot’ to set in?

What causes this ‘rot’ to set in?

Often, the cause of this particular form of rot will come from a form of environmental conditions that can be very hard to synthesise.

It is why many forms of sweet wine tend to come from similar locations; they need a particular environmental style to ensure that the rot can be designed to create the right conditions.

Simply any kind of rot is not enough; this ‘noble rot’ is needed to help ensure that the taste which comes to life is as impressive as one might have expected.

So, don’t assume that rot is a bad thing – for once, it’s a positive!

When should I buy a sweet wine?

When should I buy a sweet wine?

Most of the time, sweet wines are recommended to have over to someone when you have something to celebrate.

However, the most normal time to think about using a sweeter wine, as a gift or as a drink for the evening, is for someone who has no appreciation for classical wine.

If they wish to enjoy a nice drink with you, but don’t enjoy the tartness of a normal red, rose, or white wine, you might wish to use a sweet wine as the alternative.

4 sweet wines you absolutely must try

4 sweet wines you absolutely must try

If you would like to make sure that you buy a quality sweet wine in Malaysia, you do have a great many choices to pick from.

We recommend, though, that you try and take a closer look at some of the following bottles of sweet wine. Stick to these bottles, and you can be sure of a strong, satisfying taste with each mouthful.

  • Chateau Coutet 1er Grand. If you prefer a sweet wine with a very deep taste and intense flavour, then start here. It contains a lot of fruity blends, including pineapples, apricots, and a little hint of vanilla in the background for an even grander, more satisfying taste than you might have first expected.
  • Chateau Sigalas Rabaud 1er Grand. Enjoy a sweet wine that comes with a fruity blend, with the taste of nectarines, grapefruits, and honey mixing in with the lime for a very fragrant, tasty experience that is sure to linger on the tongue with consummate ease. A top quality choice that comes from the 2009 range.
  • Chateau Guiraud Sauternes. Looking for a nice, medium-gold sweet wine? Then take a look at this 2009 mode from Guiraud. It’s a top quality choice as it contains such a floral taste, with scents of jasmine and peach hanging around the nose. Blended in with honey nuts, pineapple, and preserved ginger for something adorable.
  • Chateau Climens 1er Grand. This gorgeous, sweet wine is a popular choice, and stems from around 2010. The taste is abundant, the flavour rich, and the sweetness almost impossible to miss. A great choice for those prefer their wines to come with an abundance of flavour mixed in with every drink you take.
  • Buying the sweetest wine just got easier

    Buying the sweetest wine just got easier

    Take a look at each of the above wines and think about the benefits of offering someone a sweeter drink than they might be used to.

    With a bit of thinking and manoeuvring, you could make it easy to hand someone the kind of highly satisfying alcoholic beverage that they have been searching for.

    Whether it’s for yourself or for someone else, buying the sweetest wines shouldn’t be a difficult thing to do. With our wine shop help, you can get everything you need to ensure the best experience possible with regards to picking out sweet wines which are sure to pass the taste test, no matter how particular the recipient is!