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Best Red Wines in Malaysia

Are you a red wine lover in Malaysia? Then you will no doubt want to find which is the best red wine in Malaysia.

Red wine is one of the most satisfying and enjoyable alcoholic drinks in the world.

If you are running low on ideas about which red wines to buy, you might want to take a look at our simple buying guide to finding the best red wines in Malaysia.

Red Wine Malaysia Buying Guide

Why is Red Wine the Colour That It Is?

Why is Red Wine the Colour That It Is?

So, the first thing that we tend to find asked when Malaysians are buying red wine Malaysia comes from the tone and the colour. Many are interested in how red wine actually gets the colour that it does. Many assume that it comes from the juices of the grape. After all, if it is made with red/purple coloured grapes then it stands to reason that the wine would be the same colour, no?

Actually, this is incorrect – as odd as that might be. Red wine comes in various styles, but the actual liquid itself is not red to begin with. Indeed, grape juice is a clear liquid and it tends to look more akin to an apple juice or a cider.

However, it is the skin of the grapes that helps to inject that flavoursome purple/red colour into any wines that we might be enjoying.

This happens as the wine ferments. The process begins to break down and eventually absorb the colour of the grape skins. Over time, this will slowly be absorbed into the liquid itself, turning it to that deep and loving red wine colour that we have all come to appreciate so much. The longer the wine stays in contact with the skin of the grape, the more powerful and intense the colouring of said grapes is going to become.

That is worth noting, as many people are not aware of this particular change when it comes to enjoying grapes. If you are looking for a way to really appreciate the taste and strength of some grapes, then you should absolutely look to the colour.

The stronger the colour, the longer the wine has been in contact with those all-important skins. So, the colour really does matter here! Try our wine delivery now.

How Do I Know What Red Wine I Will Enjoy?

How Do I Know What Red Wine I Will Enjoy?

Good question! The best red wine is a tough thing to understand because it is such a variable drink. If you are someone who thinks they might struggle to choose the red wine that they like, then you should really take into account the category that a certain wine will fall into. You see, all red wines in Malaysia are going to be one of three particular ‘bodies’ of wine: Light, Medium, and Full.

This trio of interesting red wine tastes will leave you with a very distinctive and distinguished taste profile. What, though, does each mean?

Light Bodied Wine

A light bodied red wine is almost certain to carry the freshest and fruitiest taste. These tend to be the wines which have had the least work carried out to them, but they are normally wines which are very fresh on the tongue.

If you prefer your wine to carry that unmistakable sweetness then you will absolutely want a light bodied bottle instead. If you are also someone who prefers their wine to still retain that fruity zest, then you will find that a light bodied equivalent is sure to be just what you are looking for.

Medium Bodied Wine

The next choice down is a medium bodied wine, and this is also very popular. Wine that is of a medium body tends to be quite similar to light bodied wine in that it still retains that rich and fruity taste. However, you will notice that it also contains a different taste texture in the form of a spice collection.

Spices tend to become more of a hint in a medium bodied wine, and it can add a different punch and flavour to a drink you might otherwise have had little time for.

Full Bodied Wine

The last option that we recommend you look into, though, is a full bodied bottle of wine. They are typically very bold in their taste, and will usually be rich in tannins. This helps to create a totally different taste profile from the others, which you can tell just by looking at the redness of the wine itself.

These are extremely powerful wines and tend to be the strongest tasting wine – you will normally feel that it leaves more of a dryness on the mouth and the tongue than you get with either of the above options.

The Various Forms of Red Wine

The Various Forms of Red Wine

Of course, this is just the beginning of your most exciting journey into the rich and satisfying world of red wine in Malaysia. Another big part of the discussion around wine and your enjoyment of the product stems from the style of red wine that you drink.

We have spoken above about the body nature of the red wines in Malaysia. Now we need to look at the various types and forms out there; what are some of the most famous forms of red wine that you can find on the market when shopping around?

Bold Red Wine

The most common form of red wine is arguably a bold red wine.

Bold reds are often rich and ripe in their taste, with that fruity punch still long lingering on the back of the tastebud as you take sip after sip. This is a big part of what makes red wine so fun to drink; it has that rich and overly powerful taste that can go right to your head!

Bold red wine tends to win out because it has that ripeness that many people are chasing. If you like wine to feel like it hits your taste buds from the second it touches your mouth, then you will probably find that a bold red wine is the best choice for you. They also tend to be mostly full-bodied, so try and keep that in mind.

They tend to give you a very strong taste, and they are usually going to come from some of the warmer parts of the world. The best, fullest bodied wines are often the result of many hours of work and labour under the sunshine. A labour of love, with a fantastic taste waiting for you at the end of it.

Malbec Red Wine

A popular form of red wine brands if you are looking for something a touch more classic would be to look for a Malbec red wine.

These are extremely popular as they go so well with beef and other meats. The taste and texture they give off can be very satisfying indeed, and they also tend to carry a rich and fair hint of berries and spices. Plum tastes can be quite common in this kind of red wine, too, which can further help to make the taste even more satisfying.

You will find that Malbec red wines tend to be based from Argentinian stock, where they tend to be seen as the most commonly drunk wine styles. You will also find that Malbec red wines tend to be a popular choice if you are searching for something with a more balanced taste that complements food as opposed to clashes with it.

Merlot Red Wine

Probably the most common form of red wine, Merlot red wines are some of the most satisfying goods around.

They tend to taste absolutely terrific and are normally a good choice for those who are new to the art of wine tasting. The general, overall style of a soft merlot makes it a versatile wine that you could easily drink with most meals, too.

For those who are easy-going and just want a nice bottle of wine that they can enjoy at their own leisure, you are sure to find that a nice bottle of Merlot can go a long way to making sure you get to enjoy the taste.

Red wine is never an easy thing to get right, but it is by no means impossible. With Merlot bottles, though, you are about as close as you are going to get to a ‘sure thing’.

Pinot Noir Red Wine

Another popular pick for those who like their wine to carry a fair amount of personality is the famous Pinot Noir wine style.

This powerful and effective form of wine is one of the most impressive that you will find if you are looking for a very specific taste. The secret with red wines in Malaysia that are Pinot Noir is to find out where they originate from.

A Pinot Noir from one place will taste totally different to another. So, you might need to get ready to carry out a fair amount of experimentation when you are shopping around for particular blends that you might like.

Cabernet Sauvignon Red Wine

One of the finest styles for those who like a more tannic bottle of red wine in Malaysia, Cabernet Sauvignon is a very intriguing wine.

It can be somewhat dry, so it is best paired up with juicy meals that can help to keep the moisture levels high enough to ensure maximum and full enjoyment with every bite that you take from the meal.

This red wine often has a strong taste of blackcurrant, too, which is something that many people can find immediately appealing. If you find some other red wines to be a touch on the bitter side, then you might just find that this particular red wine is what you have been searching for. Quality red wines can go a long way to making a meal even more satisfying, and this juicy solution might be ideal for your needs.

Shiraz Red Wine

One of the most popular forms of red wine in the world, though, is Shiraz.

Shiraz wines are from Southern Australia, and they tend to pack in a ridiculous taste profile. A common example of this would be the likes of McLaren Vale.

Shiraz red wines are often a fantastic place to begin with as they just contain so much energy and life in the taste. These wines also tend to carry a kind of rich, plum-like taste and scent. This adds an extra layer of imagination to the taste, and is one of the reasons why Shiraz is such a highly thought of and sought-after form of wine.

It has become a popular choice for a large number of wine drinks. As one of the most popular and best red wines in Malaysia, too, it is a form of wine that you should have no problem enjoying. It works well as a dinner wine mostly, as it helps to really complement many forms of meat and other enjoyable foods.

You will find that Shiraz is probably your ideal choice if you are on the lookout for something that contains one of the strongest and most standout taste profiles.

Cabernet Red Wine

Another popular pick for those who have a very particular interest in wine is the famous cabernet red wine.

Cabernet red wines are a great choice if you are a fan of a more blue-style ‘red’ wine. These tend to carry a different kind of flavour compared to what you might have been expecting when you first started shopping around for a red wine.

These are a bold, enticing wine style that tends to come from warmer places in the world. It is also commonly taken from California, as they tend to bring you some of the best hotspots for growing wine in this particular part of the world.

Many Americans in particular have a deep love of cabernet red wines. They are a popular choice as they hail from key areas of the country like Napa Valley and Sonoma, helping to create some of the most impressive taste profiles thanks to the conditions in which they are grown within.

If you are looking for a bold and in-your-face wine that manages to retain that dusty charm of many old-school wines, you will find that a cabernet red wine might be just what you are searching for.

Pairing Red Wine With Food: Things to Consider

Pairing Red Wine With Food: Things to Consider

Of course, a big part of enjoying red wines in Malaysia is pairing it up with the food that you eat. Few things in life are quite as satisfying as tucking into a nice meal while enjoying a fine bottle of red to go with.

As we have alluded to above, some wines are more suited to certain meals than others. That is why we highly recommend that you look to pair-up your red wine selections with something that is actually going to suit the meal you are having. Indeed, many people recommend that if you are having a red wine then you should pair it up with a similarly coloured food dish.

For example, those who like red meats and red sauces will find that a red wine is sure to work perfectly alongside it. Red meats are not as nice when combined with white wine, for example. Red bottles, though, tend to go best with meats such as lamb, steak, or even a tomato-based pasta dish if you are no in the mood for some meat or you do not eat meat.

Red wine is also great with many forms of grilled vegetables, particularly if they are kept in a nice dressing such as a tahini dress.

Watch this video to learn more about pairing wine with food:

Letting Your Red Wine Breathe

Letting Your Red Wine Breathe

A common talking point within wine drinking circles is the need to let your wine breathe.

While some see this as excessive, it can help to really amplify the taste and the quality of a good bottle of red wine. So, we recommend allowing your wine to be aerated. You can do this simply by opening the bottle a little while before you intend to actually drink the stuff.

Others might choose to pour the wine into a jug and let it aerate that way. However, you should consider letting the breathing process happen slowly – don’t try and rush it. Should you find yourself in a hurried rush, though, you could make a smart choice with your red wine and simply pop it into a blender.

Empty the bottle into a blender and then pulse it for 3-5 seconds. This is often enough to do much of the ‘breathing’ for you and can save you valuable time if you still want to have a nice bottle of red wine that has been properly aerated.

Time can be a hard thing to plan for, so if you are running short on time the above solution should help.

Ready to Buy the Best Red Wines in Malaysia?

Ready to Buy the Best Red Wines in Malaysia?

Then you should take a look at our growing collection of bottles.

We are proud to have access to so many different red wines in Malaysia, making sure that you are never short on options. The red wine price in Malaysia is affordable if you come to the right wine store like Having a good quality red wine bottle is something that you should absolutely focus on, as it can be just what you are looking for to help complement the perfect meal.

With a bit of time spent reviewing bottles and brands, though, you can easily pick out the right bottle for you. So, which bottle of red wine in Malaysia do you think appeals to your taste and profile the most? Try the best wine delivery KL now at

Is Red Wine Really Good for You?

Is Red Wine Really Good for You?

Red wine is a popular alcoholic beverage in Malaysia that has been around for decades. Naturally, the fermentation of purple grapes would produce a greenish-white yield. Red wine gets its colour from dark-coloured grape varieties. The skin of these grapes is rich in a pigment called anthocyanin.

Often found in classy restaurants, many believe that adding the best red wine to their daily diet would result in a variety of health benefits. But how far is it true?

What Does Red Wine Contain?

What Does Red Wine Contain?

Red wine contains antioxidants such as resveratrol and proanthocyanidins. In general, high levels of antioxidants protect your body from free radicals.

Free radicals are the bad guys. They are very reactive and disruptive to body cells. In high levels, free radicals are linked to cancers, heart diseases, and other illnesses.

Studies have shown that proanthocyanidins exhibit properties that protect the heart and fight inflammation, viruses, and bacteria. On the other hand, resveratrol has strong anti-cancer and cardioprotective properties.

Red Wine and Prevention of Heart Disease

Red Wine and Prevention of Heart Disease

Red wine is thought to be beneficial for heart health based on the observation of French people. In France, the best red wine is a staple beverage and there is a lower rate of ischaemic heart disease among the French.

But experts argue that this observation could be caused by lifestyle characteristics, dietary intake, and other factors.

If red wine protects against heart diseases, how does it compare with other alcoholic drinks?

According to research done in 4 countries, consumption of beer, spirit, and wine caused a marked reduction in heart disease and associated death. But these studies cannot confirm that red wine is superior to other alcoholic drinks to protect the heart.

What’s important to note is that taking alcohol in small to moderate amounts prevents heart disease. Paradoxically, high alcoholic consumption strongly amplifies the risk of heart disease.

Other health benefits of red wine

Other health benefits of red wine

Regular and moderate wine intake can reduce certain types of cancers, like colon, basal cell, ovarian, and prostate carcinoma. Beer has a weaker effect possibly because of smaller antioxidant contents compared to red wine.

Drinking red wine reduces stress too. People who drink moderate amounts of wine are less likely to develop depression. But heavy drinkers appear to have a higher risk of developing depression.

Moreover, the non-alcoholic contents of red wine have been proven to make the body more sensitive towards insulin. Insulin is a natural hormone that converts sugar into energy. In insulin-resistant diabetics, blood sugar levels remain high and treatment failure predominates.

The Disadvantages of Red Wine Over-Consumption

The Disadvantages of Red Wine Over-Consumption

Apart from antioxidants, some of the best red wine in Malaysia also contains 12-15% of alcohol. Excessive alcohol consumption has other detrimental consequences to health.

Drinking too much causes alcoholic fatty liver disease. Left unmanaged, it could progress to liver scarring or cirrhosis, where the liver fails to process nutrients and produce proteins needed by the body.

Alcohol dependence is another major issue surrounding alcohol use. This has severe psychological and sociological consequences, leading to job loss and relationship strain.

Red wine has a lot of calories, with few vitamins or minerals. It is safe to say that you should avoid red wine if you’re trying to lose weight. To no surprise, Korsakoff’s syndrome, a type of brain injury, is common in alcoholics due to vitamin B1 deficiency.

How Much Red Wine Should You Drink?

How Much Red Wine Should You Drink?

Regardless of the conflicting views about the health benefits of red wine, experts seem to agree that low to moderate consumption is good for you.

How much red wine is too much, then?

According to the National Health Service guide of the UK


  • Men and women should not exceed 14 units of alcohol weekly. A large glass of red wine has 3 units of alcohol.
  • If you do drink 14 units of alcohol, spread this over 3 days or more.


Department of Health and Human Services recommends taking:


  • 1-1.5 glasses of red wine daily for women.
  • 1-2 glasses of red wine a day for men.
  • with 1-2 alcohol-free days weekly.


Consistently exceeding these limits puts you at risk of liver disease, alcohol dependence, depression, and heart disease.

Take Home Message

Red wine does have many proven health benefits for you, only if it is taken in low to moderate amounts. The benefits for preventing heart diseases are not exclusive to the best red wine in Malaysia but is similar to alcoholic beverages like beers and spirits.

Generally, it is not advisable to start taking red wine just to reap its benefits. You can get higher levels of antioxidants from non-alcoholic sources like supplements.

Leading a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise and a balanced diet would confer greater health benefits without added risk.

But if you are already drinking red wine or rose wine, just remember to not exceed the maximum weekly limit and spread your drinks over 3 days or more.