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Buying The Best Rose Wine Online in Malaysia

For wine lovers looking to buy the best rose wine online in Malaysia, LavoWine is the place that you should look at. We offer the best rose wines in Malaysia, at an affordable price. Rose wine has a mix of characteristics of both red and white wine, but it is not a blend of the two. It can be paired with meat, fish, dessert, and more. It is convenient to purchase rose wine in Malaysia, but how do you choose the best one? What actually makes a rose wine better than the others?

Region where the rose wine was made from

In most regions that produce red wine, rose wine will most likely be produced as well. The recommended regions to try out rose wines are California, Bordeaux, Oregon, Provence, and Northern Spain. If you like the red wine from a specific region, be sure to try their rose wine as well as you might be in for a treat.

Colour of the rose wine

Rose wines of a lighter colour will most likely be of a higher quality than those of a darker colour. In order to make a rose wine with a light colour, the winemaker will need to ensure that the skin of the grapes is only soaked for a few hours, making it a more tedious process. As for the darker colour rose wine, it is usually mass-produced, therefore making it harder to control the quality of the wine.

Sweet or dry?

For those who prefer sweet rose wine, you should go for those with a lower alcohol percentage. Rose wine with an alcohol percentage above 11% will most likely be on the dry side. Additionally, rose wine from Italy, France, and Spain are crisp, while those from Australia, United States, and South America, are sweeter and fruitier.

Purchase a recent vintage

Rose wine should ideally be drunk as young as possible, with some exceptions. This will maintain the freshness of the rose wine, making it more flavourful.

Grape used to make to rose wine

There are a few types of fruits – red, black, citrus, tropical, tree, and more. Rose wine made with pinot noir has a red fruit aroma, such as strawberries and cherries. Those made with cabernet grapes will have a black fruit flavour, such as black plums and blackberries. Therefore, you should look at the type of fruits that you prefer – is it cherries, blackberries, lemon, melon, or pineapple? This will help you to better determine which kind of rose wine is suited for you.

Where to buy the best rose wine online?

With so many sites that offer rose wine, how do you choose which one to purchase from? Look at their past reviews to ensure that they deliver authentic products and they have a timely delivery; this is what LavoWine will provide – good customer service, guaranteed satisfaction, and a timely delivery. If you are unsure of which rose wine to purchase, we will be able to assist you to choose a rose wine that is suited to your taste buds and wallet.
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