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Buying the Best Whiskey Online in Malaysia

At LavoWine, we have an extensive range of whiskey and you can definitely find the one that you like the most here. Compared to going into a store, buying whiskey online in Malaysia will be more convenient and you will be able to view the whiskeys at your own pace. With so many choices for the best whiskey online, how do you make sure that what you are getting is the best whiskey?

What is Whiskey?

Before jumping into how to choose the best whiskey, let us first understand what a whiskey is.

Whiskey is a distilled spirit that is made from grains such as corn, wheat, barley, and rye. It is often used in cocktails and shots, as well as in dishes. In general, whiskey has an oaky and woody taste, with hints of vanilla, caramel, and fruits. Some are smooth while others have a slight burn.

Types of Whiskey


This type of whiskey has a strict regulation. In order to be termed as a bourbon whiskey, it has to be made from a minimum of 51% corn, aged in new oak barrels, distilled to 160 proof or below, and barreled below 125 proof.

Bourbon is suitable for those who are starting out with whiskey. It is sweet, flavourful, and often smooth. It also matures quicker than others, making it suitable for ageing.


Distilled in Ireland, this whiskey is best aged for a minimum of three years. It is smooth and light, making it the go-to drink for people who cannot handle burning drinks. Additionally, it also has a well-balanced taste of sweetness and roundness.


Canadian whiskey is known to be the smoothest among all others. It is not restricted in their production, resulting in different styles and flavours of whiskey. The more popular grain used in Canadian whiskey is rye. Despite that said, a Canadian whiskey will most likely incorporate more than 20 ingredients, yet creating a perfect blend. This type of whiskey is for those who are exploring the different flavours of whiskey and are out to look for something different. Even though it might be tough to find Canadian whiskey, it will be worth the effort after you have managed to find one.


Scotch whiskey includes both blended whiskey and single malts. The single malts version is made from malted barley while the blended version is made with grain whiskey. A taste that makes scotch whiskey stand out is the smokiness, which came from the process of drying the malt over the fire. Just like each region in the world has a different flavour and taste, the different areas in Scotland also produce whiskey with different styles and characteristics.


The techniques used to make Japanese whiskey are closely similar to those from Scotland as they got the method from there. As time passes, they have progressed to make whiskey in their own style, making it fruity and smooth. This is suitable for those who are looking for something that is easy to drink, yet packs a punch of flavours and taste. Compared to bourbon or Scotch, Japanese whiskey is less complicated, therefore making it easier to be consumed. The list of the types of whiskey is endless. There are various styles of making whiskey and it will influence the taste, flavour, and texture of the final product. If you prefer a stronger and complex whiskey, bourbon is the recommended one. Otherwise, Japanese whiskey and Scotch whiskey will be great.

Single Malts VS Blended Whiskey

Single malts whiskey refers to one that is produced using a single malted grain, at a single distillery. The aim of producing single malts is to bring out the distinct flavour from a single distillery. It can contain whisky from different batches or barrels and this is commonly produced in Scotch, Irish, and Japanese whiskeys. On the other hand, blended whiskey contains two or more single malts, produced at different distilleries. The blend of the malts will create new flavours, yet leaving the whiskey smooth and well blended. Different people have different opinions when it comes to single malts or blended whiskey. You should try out both and determine which one suits your taste more. Over time, this will help you to choose the best whiskey.

Age of Whiskey

As a whiskey ages, the taste will improve too. This makes older whiskey more valuable and also more flavourful. In most distilleries, they will age the whiskey for at least three years to bring out the flavours. During the three years, the whiskey will absorb the flavour of the wood and eventually evaporate slightly. This will result in a mellower flavour to the whiskey. Even though aged whiskey tends to be more expensive in general, it is worth the money as older whisky will be more enjoyable and flavourful.

Types of Oak Barrels

The difference in barrels used will have a direct impact on how the whiskey age. Below are some examples of how each type of oak will bring out a different taste.

Japanese oak

Whiskey aged in Japanese oak will develop a floral aroma, with a hint of vanilla, fresh fruits (pears and apples), honey, and spices (cloves and nutmeg). In some barrels, it might even develop a coconut flavour in the whiskey.

American oak

American oak is on the sweeter side and it contains more vanilla compounds. Whiskey aged in an American oak will be stronger and sweeter. Vanilla, nuts (hazelnut and almond), honey, ginger, and butterscotch are some of the flavours that will be experienced.

European oak

European oak is slightly bitter and spicy, as compared to American oak, which is mellower and softer. The whiskey will develop a taste of spices (nutmeg, wood, cinnamon) and dried fruits (sultanas and raisins).

Where to Buy the Best Whiskey Online?

Before buying whiskey online, you can try out different types of whiskey at bars. This will broaden the types of whiskey that you know of and you will be able to choose one that you prefer in the long run. At LavoWine, we offer an extensive range of whiskey online in Malaysia at an affordable price. If you are looking to get a high-quality whiskey, be sure to check out our whiskey page
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