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Generous Gin

Generous Gin, this nectar made in Cognac now offers two expressions of what fans already describe as gin “à la française”. An artisanal gin of very fine craftsmanship where each ingredient, each aroma gently delicates the other as to better allow the expression. This is how magic works. The bottle is no stranger to the high fashion image that Generous Gin imposes since the decals are placed by hand with infinite precision. Particularly original, its design, inspired by a traditional bottle of botanist, is recognizable at first glance with its flowers and leaves – black for the original, green and ruby for the Organic and Purple- intermixed on an opaline white background.

It is produced in the Cognac region known for its unparallel sophisticated distillation process: finesse, balance and elegance. A surprising smooth and aromatic gin! 5 botanicals, carefully selected by our Master Blender, distilled separately in small batches and meticulously assembled with the Juniper distillate.

We Offer Generous Gin Classic & Generous Gin Purple

✓ Top of the art bottle design (won gold medal best design 2018)
✓ True Handcrafted spirit featuring:
– Plain wood cap
– Small Batch production (less 750,000 gallons annually and independently owned)
– Decor decal by hand (each bottle is unique)
– True opaline glass

✓ French distilled Gin made in Cognac (each botanical distilled separately in small pot stills)
✓ High quality spirits (fat body spirit) and ingredients and 1 organic version (won 10 medals)
✓ Unique floral tastes with 2 original botanicals in each version:
✓ Jasmin and elder flowers for classic
✓ Kefir Lime (Combava) and Coriander for Organic
✓ Grape Polyphenols and Timut pepper for Purple
✓ Extremely smooth, floral and delicate tastes suited for premium dry martini, premium Gin & Tonic and gin mule with trending ginger beers (for Generous Organic and Purple)
✓ Brand name resonates with consumers in search of a mean full life: Generosity makes you happy!