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Cheer Moda

Cheer is a leading brand and it is a step ahead of other brands and a trend-setter that sets an excellent standard for the industry. Cheer has been focused on doing wine accessories for 15 years, and provide a full range of ultimate experience for the wine drinkers.

From the first ever accessory, Cheer Moda uses a meticulous approach in ensuring high level of detail in the wine accessories. It then entered into full-fledged wine accessories chain and has accomplished great achievements in wine glasses, decanters, wine cabinets and other subdivisions, providing consumers with a full range of ultimate wine tasting experience. Cheer has also done a lot of changes according to behavioural pattern of the users.

While inheriting the wine culture, Cheer Moda continues to innovate and improve to meet its customer’s needs. Cheer has now set its foot in global market by cooperating with top foreign designers that helps them to have more resources in creating a leading global brand. Cheer believes that wine doesn’t only have history and inheritance, but it also has youth and fashion. Cheer creates fashionable and leading brand experience for customers which allows them to be one step ahead and be able to lead the trend to set a standard for the industry.

Cheer, innovation changes the way of wine tasting!