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Buying The Best Tequila Online in Malaysia

When it comes to finding your chosen drink of choice in Malaysia, you have many options. The party and nightlife scene in this part of the world means that finding awesome drinks, and awesome people to share them with, should be very easy indeed. However, when it comes to finding quality tequila, you might be less sure of what to go out and buy. If that is the case, then our team at LavoWine has put together this simple guide to buying the best tequila in Malaysia! Malaysia is the kind of place where a good time can feel like it lasts forever. To make sure that is the case, though, you want to always bring the best party essentials - including quality tequila brands. To make sure you buy something that your mouth will actually appreciate, though, we recommend you take a look at the best ideas below. This will help you to buy a bottle of tequila in Malaysia through our store that is going to be just right for you. While it might seem like such an easy drink to buy, you can shock yourself with just how hard it is finding a tequila that does the intended trick for you.

The real thing - what is real tequila?

So, one thing to note before buying the best tequila online in Malaysia is that ‘real’ tequila has to come from Mexico. Real tequila is made in Mexico, and it must be distilled by using the blue agave plant only. It must also be produced within the state of Jalisco, with limited production coming from places like Tamaulipas and Guanajuato. Indeed, the name of the drink itself actually stems from the city of the same name. Though the town itself is far younger than the famous drink, the town being formed in the 1660s, it is a town that now shares the name with an arguably even more famous drink. The drink itself must also be made using a very specific process, with the plant that is used to make tequila taking close to or even above a decade to grow in full. Once they are ready, they must then be harvested with the leaves and roots of the agave plant cut off to allow for easier processing. The hearts of the agave are then baked, which is a slow-happening process overall. The agaves are then crushed and fermented, allowing for the juices to be distilled and then either aged in a container or bottled immediately. If the tequila that you are buying is not made using this process, then it is not the real thing but a mere cheap imitation bottle!

Know your tequila category

Like most drinks, you will find that tequila breaks down into little interior sub-categories. For example, many people who drink tequila will look to drink pure 100% agave tequila. Those buying the best tequila online in Malaysia will always look to buy a proper 100% agave tequila. Your other options are known as mixto tequilas which are often a 51/49 mix of agave juice and sugar cane juices. This is extremely sweet to smell, but the actual taste tends to be ridiculous harsh and actually quite unenjoyable compared to a 100% agave tequila. The vast majority of cheaper tequilas will be mixto drinks as they are easier to make, and can be filled with flavours and colourings making them easier to sell. However, if you are serious about both drinking and enjoying tequila then you need to understand that mixto drinks are not of the same standard to the real thing.

Only start at 100%

At LavoWine, we highly recommend that you buy tequila that comes with a 100% Agave label on the bottle. Anything without this symbol is likely to be a mixto drink, and this means that you simply will not enjoy the experience as much. It might be cheaper, it might be more ‘exotic’ sounding with gold additions and the like, but the best tequila is 100% agave tequila – no arguments on that front. At LavoWine, we recommend you take a look at this particular range of tequila drinks that we have. The 100% Agave label means that you know that you are drinking something free from needless additions like sugar cane and gold shavings, allowing you to simply enjoy a drink that is actually pure. You will find that this tends to not only produce a nicer flavour, but it takes away that burn. While some enjoy that feeling, it is not something that you would normally associate with the real thing. Proper, high-quality tequila will tend to be much less aggressive on the throat, allowing you to enjoy things a bit more and actually enjoy the overall taste.

Lastly, factor in the age

When shopping around for the best tequila in Malaysia, you need to factor in the age of the bottle. So, for the most part you will be looking for bottles marked as ‘Anejo’ – this roughly translates into “aged” and means the bottle has sat for 1-3 years. The colours tend to be much darker and richer, and they tend to be much more unique in their taste; blends of vanilla, caramel, and earthy hits are quite common with this particular kind of bottle. Blanco tequila bottles tend to be the newest and are usually bottled post-distillation. We recommend that if you can you look for something a little older, though if you prefer a kind of citric and fruity taste this might be for you. The ‘middle’ choice for those buying the best tequila online in Malaysia will be Reposado bottles, which have sat for anything from a few months to a full year. They are often woody in taste, but hints of sugary and even buttery scents can linger. So, when buying the best tequila for your own personal choice, factor in all of the above. Do that, and you should be much more likely to wind up with a tequila drink that is fun, satisfying, and very much easy for you to enjoy.   
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