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Buying The Best Cognac Online in Malaysia

For anyone considering investing in cognac in Malaysia, you have many options to choose from. Sure, you could choose to buy from a local store – but are you really getting the best deal when buying locally? Not often. More often than not, you will find that the best deals to be found for cognac in Malaysia will come from the internet. Buying cognac online is a wise choice, but it’s still not ‘easy’ per se. In this article, we’ll try and break down some essential factors involved in buying the best cognac online in Malaysia.

First, you need to understand cognac in its entirety

The first thing you need to tackle when it comes to choosing a popular and successful cognac is to ‘get’ what cognac actually is. For the uninitiated, cognac is a form of brandy that has gone through a copper distillation process and also aged in an oak cask. This helps to give the cognac its unique scent and also that interesting golden tone that it often takes. However, cognac is not brandy and brandy is not cognac. Only brandy that comes from the demarcated region near the Charente River can truly be called cognac. Much like other famous drinks around the world, the geographical conditions and the tradition of making brandy has ensured that the complexity of the process remains unique to the location. Therefore, a cognac that comes from other parts of the world are, at best, imitations. When buying cognac in Malaysia online, keep that in mind.

Where does it stem from?

Another factor that many people don’t take into account is the location where the grapes for the cognac were grown. This is a very important part of the process. Typically, you want to look for products that come from either Petite Champagne or Borderies branded cognacs. This means that they are going to carry a high quality, and Borderies, in particular, are known for producing high-quality drinks without the strict ageing requirements. However, you might also look to get a Grande Champagne cognac; these are often seen as the best ‘cru’ for your cognac to have come from. However, this is often impacted by the price. If you are looking to buy cognac online in Malaysia, anything that comes from a Grande Champagne background is very likely to be among the most complex and satisfying but also the most expensive. Generally, we would recommend avoiding any cognac drinks which don’t come from a related background to the above. The other remaining crus generally lack the same quality and output.

The grading always matters

Next up, it’s vital that anyone looking to buy cognac online understands the grading system. Typically, the two lowest grades of cognac are V.S. and V.S.O.P. However, most cognac lovers will find these to be too young and thus not suited to their own personal tasted. The majority of high-end cognac drinks will begin at the X.O. grading. Why? Because this ensures that the drink has had enough time to age and thus develop the ‘bouquet’ that matters so much to cognac drinks. Anything that has been aged for at least thirty years is likely to be in the great to exceptional range, though. If you look around, you can often find exceptional cognacs from hugely successful batches sold in very small quantities. These tend to be more collectables, though, and tend to fetch the largest prices online. Typically, though, the grading is the most important factor. If you wish to buy something of a high standard and above, be sure to buy X.O. graded cognacs and above.

Knowing the big brands

If you are looking to get into cognac as a newbie to the industry, you might look to buy something a bit more well-known. As a Malaysian buying online, we recommend you look into buying something in the major brands. This includes the likes of HARDY and Hennessy. However, if you have already tried the biggest names then you might wish to try out something a bit more bespoke and specific. To do that, you should look to try and work out what kind of style you like the most. Many times, you can find very small and limited batch numbers going around that might make it easy for you to get a vintage cognac that isn’t often sold outside of small and very specific circles. Getting to know the big brands, though, is definitely a wise idea. Once you know what they taste like, you can make an informed choice about whether or not they are truly for you.

What about ageing?

When it comes to buying quality cognac online, you should definitely look to take into account the age of the bottle. Typically, you should be looking for something that has grown for a long time. Typically, it’s broken down into the following ageing categories (we spoke about this briefly above):
  • Very Special, or VS, tends to be a spirit that has been in a cask for a minimum of two years. This is probably the level that we would recommend you try and avoid if possible.
  • Very Superior Old Pale, VSOP, is quite a popular blend as it’s usually got a four year blending time. However, you might find that this is still too immature for your own tastes.
  • Extra Old, XO, is the best one to start with. They have a minimum of six years ageing, though it’s likely that they will have been around for much longer than the six years.
Add this into the region that we spoke about above, and you can find a good quality bottle to buy. At the least, we would recommend a VSOP Petite Champagne bottle, though ideally you want an XO Grande Champagne bottle if you can get your hands on it.

Wrapping up

Want to buy the best cognac online in Malaysia? Then you should definitely take a look at our growing list of products today at LavoWine. We can point you in the direction of quality bottles of cognac that would be suited to each taste profile and personality choice, making it easy to find quality cognac at a price that you can feel comfortable paying.
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